Upcyle to reduce your carbon footprint

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Every time you log on to your Facebook profile, you see status updates from your friends about how excited they are about their latest upcycling project! So how do you react to it? Scratching your head, wondering what upcycling is? Recycling is a passe, everyone knows what it is, but upcycling?

If you have guessed that it is a relatively new trend, then you are bang on, and it is not too much different from recycling. The only difference is recycling is creating or processing a used and discarded product into something useful. Upcycling is not discarding a used product at all! Upcycling urges you to take a good look around your house and consider all the 'useless and ready-for-garbage' stuff to decide whether it can be put to other use or not. Many people are waking up to upcycling as it is a creative and cost-effective way of reducing our carbon footprint. You cannot reuse a juice can, but you can definitely make a pen/ pencil holder out of it!

Not just this, there are a million ways that regular household stuff can be upcycled into something useful or decorative. If you are an advocate of organic living, then upcycling should be a part of your routine.

· Get online help: The world at large has taken to crafting. And that is evident from the number of blogs and vlogs people are creating dedicated to the craft of upcycling. From creating decorative flowers out of egg cartons to fashioning personalized photo frames from chocolate boxes, the virtual world is full of ideas, tips and tricks to transform a rugged bedsheet into a patchwork quilt!

· Be a part of the upcycling group: So you thought upcycling was only for a niche few? Well, you will be amazed at how many people do upcycling in their daily life. Even simple housewives can give you a lesson or two on how they use empty cookie boxes for storing sundry kitchen supplies. Form a group with like-minded upcycling people and share insights. After all, joint force is always mightier than a single soldier!

· Share your ideas: Refer the first tip - go online to get educated about upcycling. Now that you are a pro at this art, why not share your knowledge and ideas with other amateur upcyclers? Start a blog and upload pics of your creations. This sharing of knowledge will also earn you a few friends!

Organic living - the hope for future

The reason a large number of people are turning to organic food products is because people now understand that organic living is natural living - without chemicals and preservatives. Moreover, now making your switch to organic has become even simpler with the availability of organic food products online. Browse through varieties of organic food products, select what you like and easily buy organic food products online.

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Upcyle to reduce your carbon footprint

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Upcyle to reduce your carbon footprint

This article was published on 2013/05/06