Top 10 Bugs Used as Food

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Top 10 Insects Used as Essential Food

Insects represent a diverse group of arthropods having all the essential nutrients that are require by human body. These are used since the prehistoric times and they continue to provide the required amount of proteins and essential fatty acids to mammals especially humans. So far, there are hundreds of insects that are consumed in many regions of Africa and Asia but the most important insects are those which are consumed by the humans after proper cooking. Since, these insects belong to different families of Class Insects, so there is a great diversity for the people who love to enjoy the actual protein meal.

This article will try to focus on those bugs which are commercially used to provide nutrition to human body. Following are the top ten insects which are used as food items.

10. Rhino Beetle Grubs

Rhino beetles are the members of Order Coleoptera and these are considered to be the strongest of their family. The young ones are specifically called as grubs and they are very soft and altogether different from the adult members. In Africa, people believe that these beetles serve as an ultimate source of essential nutrients and minerals. So, they gather these grubs and adult beetles and cook them. These beetles can be cooked but care should be taken as the upper wings (elytra) along with the mouth parts are very hard and indigestible. So, it is a good strategy to remove these upper parts of the beetles. It may provide phosphorus, zinc and calcium. It is also interesting to note that the immature individuals (grubs) are usually used to make the rhino butter which is a delicious meal for the people in Africa. It is also used in Asia and some parts of Europe but mostly it is consumed in Africa and the nearby states.

Medically these beetles are safer to eat but there is a need to identify the correct species. If you select the wrong one then it can harm your digestive system. So, selection of the correct species is very crucial to get the right thing. Insects are always beneficial in some way or the other but these are neglected due to the problem of entomophobia, i.e., fear of insects.

Like the above mentioned insect, there are many other species which are used as food. If this one sound good then you can read the remaining nine insects by following this link.

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Top 10 Bugs Used as Food

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